ABRISS DEMO 1.3 Release! It's back!

Hello :D

we're sorry for not being very active. To be honest, we were very exhausted after Early Access release and we took a break for a while. We've also had to take care of a lot of good old german buerocracy and some University tasks (I for example had to finish up my Masters). We've been working on ABRISS the whole time though, and... on a new Demo!!! We will also post a proper Roadmap until full release next week.

Many of you have asked to bring the Demo back - so we updated it all the way to have all missing usability & performance updates of the full game! It even has some changes that aren't in the big version and will be in minor update 0.1.23, which we'll release next. We also changed the way that snapping works, which should hopefully make your building experience much better. We want to test it out in the Demo before putting it in the big game, so please tell us in the Itch.io Comments, on Discord or in the Steam forums if you like the new snapping!


  • Improved Snapping Buildblocks snap a lot harder to each other now, which makes it a lot easier to build perfectly aligned structures. This also makes the holding-and-dragging mode more important for fine-adjustments.
  • Level cleanup We went through all Levels and found a bunch of random colliders that made the level behave weirdly, some excess lights that were barely visible but cost a lot of FPS and just made it a bit prettier.
  • Turning while in Hold Mode A lot of you have tried this in the Tutorial Level - now scrolling while hovering and while moving will both work.
  • New Anti-Gravity Effect We've had feedback that some people couldn't tell immediately if the gravity was switched on or off, so now we have a stronger screen-space effect that is enabled when the level is in zero gravity.
  • Additional UI feedback We added some subtle FX to the UI to guide players through the phases of play in the game.
  • Fixed "Black Plane of Death" YES OH MY GOD I FINALLY FOUND IT AND FIXED IT. Never again will the camera plane turn black randomly.

    (Thank you to Lukas149 on Discord for providing the error footage)
  • Fixed camera plane behaviour At an earlier attempt to fix the "Black Plane of Death" I accidentaly made the camera plane not work properly. This is now fixed with the black plane bugfix, so now you should be a lot more aware of where you are in space with the camera.
  • Fixed 4k Setting For some reason, there were two 8k settings in the resolution dialogue. One of them was the 4k option, but it was labeled wrong. We'll change this resolution dialogue from the hard-coded one it is right now to a dynamic one that checks for your systems available resolutions automatically, but until then at least it's fixed.

Upcoming events

We'll publish a proper Roadmap on Steam next week, but it will basically be this: We will release the aforementioned bugfixes + a couple more to the full version next, in minor update 0.1.23. We will keep uploading more minor updates, but there will also be a mayor content update, hopefully this year!

Greetings from Germany,


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